IoT 2.0 Seminar Presentations

…bringing precision synchronization to the world of IoT.


Image used by permission from Vattenfall.

The IoT seminar on May 26, 2016 was kicked off with Morten Wagner, head of Idemolab at DELTA who talked about the future of IoT, including a lot of current examples.


This was following by Anders Mynster Senior Consultant, Test & Consultancy, DELTA, speaking about the challenges of making wireless devices work in the real world:

His presentation is available here: IoT: Rethinking Reliability


Poul-Henning Kamp then presented a brief history of time…and how it is an essential part of our society.


His presentation can be seen here.

Carsten Thomsen, DELTA’s project manager of the EUDP project presented an overview of timing technologies, and how these create a platform for dramatic new applications.

His presentation can be seen here.

Bjarke Dahl-Madsen from CIM presented practical field test results benchmarking the nanosync board up against off the shelf solutions.


This was followed by a presentation by Tomas Rosenberg Hansen from Siemens Wind Power about a wide range of potential applications for the nanosync board:


His presentation can be seen here.

Helge Aagaard Madsen from DTU Wind Energy then presented a brief overview of acoustics and noise research on wind turbines. His presentation can be seen here:


and was followed by Uwe Schmidt Paulsen also from DTU Wind energy with a presentation of the In-Flow Sensor developed as part of the project.

The presentation is available here:


along with energy harvesting mechanisms:



A total of about 20 highly specialized individuals from the user community and instrumentation industry participated in this in-depth seminar, that not only talked theory, but down to earth practice.

The seminar was sponsored in part by



DTU Wind Energy Department



Siemens Wind Power


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