Free Seminar: Nanosynchronization and IoT (Internet of Things)


IoT is booming as the next hot thing, and “nanosynchronization” will set off an avalanche of new, mind-blowing applications.

Join us on 26 May, 2016 from 10.00 to 14.30 for a look deep into the crystal ball of the Internet of Things (IoT), and how it is impacted by nanosynchronization. Come and hear about the vision of the future, along with real, down-to-earth discussions and technology demonstrations.

Using GPS time, it is possible to synchronize sensors and actuators anywhere on earth with 50 to 100 ns precision.

This has amazing potential applications:

  • Where? Source determination
    • Synthetic directional arrays to determine location of
      • noise sources
      • explosions/gun shots
      • Lightning strikes
      • Electromagnetic pulses
      • Ground tremors caused by avalanches, volcanic activity, mud slides, earthquakes
  • When and Why? Causality
    • Measuring the precise sequence of events makes it possible to determine what came first and which events followed.
      • Sequence of events in accident determination
      • “Who shot first” in crime investigation
      • What triggered a building collapse?
      • How does a lightning strike propagate through the grid and causes damage
      • Physiological and neurological responses in humans and animals.
  • How: Advanced scientific experiments
    • Building and bridge stability
    • Earthquake and geophysical event monitoring
    • Wind Turbine system analysis: From wind in to power out.
    • Smart grid characterization
    • Modal analysis of aircraft, ships, structures
  • Control: Synchronously Controlling the world
    • Precision Controlled demolition
    • Synchronized traffic flow: cars, planes, trains.
    • Synchronized dynamic feedback to reduce vibration of large structures.

Fact: Light travels 30 cm in one nanosecond.  This means that you can differentiate between events in the time it takes light to travel 15 meters in 50 nanoseconds.

Fact: Sound travels about 300 nm in one nanosecond. So you can determine different acoustic events in the time it takes sound to travel 15 µm (=0.015 mm) in 50 nanoseconds.  For example this means you can acoustically measure the motion of an object that only moves 15 µm!

This seminar marks the conclusion of our 3,5 year EUDP sponsored demonstration project investigating the potential of energy efficiencies made possible by nano synchronization.

Not only will you hear about the project’s history and demonstrated applications, but also enjoy a “ride” into the not too far future, where exciting, but perhaps also “scary” scenarios will show you a world of global, real time synchronized internet of things sensors.

Seminar Outline

  • The internet of things: Past, Present and Future: Morten Wagner, Head of Department IdemoLab, DELTA.
  • IoT: Rethinking reliability, throughput, and accuracy under real world conditions: Anders P. Mynster, Senior Consultant, Test & Consultancy, DELTA.
  • Where does time come from? How time is distributed, and impacts our society Poul-Henning Kamp, Independent IT Consultant. 
  • Synchronized sensors, past and future: From science fiction to everyday life: Carsten Thomsen, Senior Specialist, DELTA
  • SyncBoard: Design philosophy and capabilities.  Future versions, including ASIC based enabling smaller size, lower power consumption.  Licensing. Dushan Vuckovic, PhD, Specialist IdemoLab, and Carsten Thomsen DELTA
  • Lunch
  • Applications Experiences
    • Sync Board vs. off the shelf current solutions: Ander Meister, CIM A/S
    • Wind Turbine Applications: Tomas Rosenberg Hansen, Siemens Windpower
    • Acoustic imaging and other Applictions: Per Rasmussen, GRAS Sound and Vibration.
    • Wind turbine inflow sensors: Uwe Schmidt Paulsen, Senior Scientist, DTU Wind Energy
    • Practical Experiment on wind turbine blade mounted SyncBoard: Carsten Thomsen, DELTA
    • Other applications: Lecturers and Audience.  
      • The Wind farm as a system
      • Sound Propagation
      • Amplitude modulation
  • Future visions: Panel Discussion
    • Massively parallel, infinitely scalable systems
    • The world in sync: Global instrumentation to detect arbitrary causalities.
  • Questions and networking
  • Summary: Future applications of SyncBoard, new research, cooperation models. Carsten Thomsen, DELTA.


The seminar is free but requires registration.  “No shows” for registered participants will be invoiced 500 DKK.

Register here

Time: Thursday May 26, 2016: 10.00 to 14.30.



Venlighedsvej 4

2970 Hørsholm


Sponsored by:

This research and seminar is partially funded by EUDP in the project “Improved wind turbine efficiency using synchronized sensors” Project 12I with the following participants: DELTA, DTU Wind Energy, Siemens Wind Power, GRAS Sound and Vibration, and CIM.

Also sponsored by the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences (ATV).

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