Successful Wind Turbine Demo

Nordtank 500 (36 of 87)

Thursday, December 17, 2015 saw the successful “flight” of the nanosync board (Developed by DELTA) on a Nordtank 500 Wind Turbine (37 m wingspan)  at the Department of Wind Energy test center at Risø, Denmark. (It has a “hot” winter day in Denmark with temperatures of 10 degrees C).

The board, which is the size of a large smartphone, provides 8 DC channels (sampled at 1 kS/s) and up to 4 microphone/accelerometer channels sampled at 48 kS/s.


The demonstration, which ran without interference from Murphy’s law, demonstrated

  • Successful GPS signal lock despite the rotational speed and unfavorable antenna mounting. (Tip speed about 170 km/h), lower at the mounting position.
  • Proper operation of the circuit board in a high G force environment
  • High quality data acquisition
  • Real time Bluetooth monitoring of GPS status to a smart phone while the wings were rotating

Nordtank 500 (34 of 87)

The Status Value (Ox)04 indicates GPS Acquired.

Data from the on board 3D accelerometer showed values along 3 axes


and the corresponding FFT Spectrum (with 0.04 Hz Resolution) showing a rotational frequency of 0.44 Hz or 2.64 RPM. (the amplitude of the plots is uncalibrated)


Long-term ground based measurements have demonstrated less than 20µs time difference between two boards sampling at 48 kS/s facing different groups of satellites.

The project is funded by the Danish EUDP research fund and the participating partners.

For more information contact Carsten Thomsen at DELTA.



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