Nanosync comes to Wind Turbine noise Measurements

DELTA recently released the “noiseLAB Wind” noise measurement system for wind turbines. One or more microphone nodes communicate via Wi-Fi to a central data collection computer, where data is analyzed using FFT and 1/3 octave analysis.

Precision timing is not critical for the mainstream applications of the system, but for detailed research applications, it is possible to synchronize the various A/D converters in the system using National Instruments PXI-based system fronts-end with GPS synchronization. 

On a parallel track, the nanosync sensor board under development in the EUDP sponsored reseach project is now going into board layout, and we expect prototypes to be available for project partners near the end of 2013. This small battery-power unit will provide multiple input channels for microphones and other analog transducers, and support 24 bit A/D converters that are GPS synchronized. Acquired data will be streamed to the on-board 32 GByte flash memory.

Additional partners may still have the opportunity to join the project.  For more information, contact Carsten Thomsen at


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