nanosync at the Wind Turbine Research Conference

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DELTA will present several papers at the Danish Wind Power Research Conference 2013 on May 27 and May 28, 2013. One of the papers will feature applications of nanosynchronization:

“The Wind Farm as a System”: Total system analysis and modelling using synchronized sensors.

The future perspectives of nanosynchronization for instrumentation of a complete wind farm, including its interfaces to the grid, as well as arbitrary nodes anywhere on the grid will be presented by Carsten Thomsen, Director of Engineering, DELTA May 27 in the afternoon. By using synchronized measurements, cause/effect relationships can be explored between any components in the system.  For example, the effect of a particular wind gust can be related to the wind blade deflection, the associated tower load, the instantaneous impact of the power generation, the effect of shadowing on downwind turbines, and ultimately to potential flicker in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Larsen 15 km away.

Thus when all instrumentation is on a common time base, it also becomes possible to explore interdisciplinary effects, not only from a measurement standpoint, but also from a modeling standpoint using CFD, FEM, and other models.

The link to the conference is here and the link to the program is here.

The official name of the paper is

“The Wind Farm as a System”. Total system analysis and modelling using synchronized sensors. Carsten Thomsen, DELTA.

Additional papers related to wind turbine noise presented by DELTA include:

  • Impact of noise from Wind Turbines, Torben Holm Pedersen, Senior Technology Specialist DELTA. (May 27 morning). This paper will also include an overview of current state of the art in low frequency measurement and annoyance evaluation.
  • Wind Turbine noise at night: Consultant Lars Sommer Søndergaard. DELTA (May 27, late afternoon)
  • Wind Turbine Noise Measurements and prediction: Techniques and challenges, Carsten Thomsen, Director of Engineering, DELTA (May 27, late afternoon)
  • Tonality in Wind Turbine noise, Consultant Lars Sommer Søndergaard, DELTA (May 27, late afternoon)
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