Demonstration Project Approved

The Danish Energy Agency (energistyrelsen) has approved the funding  (EUDP) of a demonstration project “Improved wind turbine efficiency using synchronized sensors” with the following goals:

To improve the efficiency of wind turbine and wind turbine farms using synchronized sensors on wind turbines, their wings, and in wind fields. The technology is used in development, test, modeling, and active control of both wind turbines and wind turbine farms, thus optimizing their efficiency, life span, durability, and noise emissions while lowering production costs and increasing reliability.

The project includes the development of a nano-synchronized data acquisition front end and an inflow sensor to mount on the leading edge of the turbine blade.

Participants in the project are


DTU Wind Energy (Danish Technical University)

Siemens Windpower A/S



This project is part of the long term goal of miniaturizing the synchronized front end to the size of a golf ball.

For more information, contact


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