What wrong with this picture?


 Picture Courtesy of EAS/Hubble.

What can be wrong with such a beautiful picture take by the Hubble Telescope.  As a picture, nothing, but from an instrumentation standpoint the various objects in the picture do not have a common time base due to the thousands of light years difference in distance between them, thus giving different time time axes for each star/galaxy.

This would correspond to taking a family picture on which Adam and Eve, your great grandfather, and great great great great grandmother showed up on the same picture as you and your children.

Yes, the Hubble camera did indeed  capture the light arriving at its camera at the same time, but each of the light sources are on a different time scale.   Obviously, this is hard to correct 😉 but points out the importance of being aware of potential synchronizations issues between transducers in distributed sensor systems for more down-to-earth applications.

You may also be interested in reading about light in space getting bounced around, in this case with a 170 year old reflection.




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