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Energy Harvesting Seminar: 10 November 2011

  DELTA is pleased to announce the “Future eco-friendly sensors” seminar with speakers from Virginia Tech, UC Berkley, ITU, DTU and DELTA.  Among the presentations you will hear about the current state of the art, use of vibration as an energy source … Continue reading

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Nanosync Research Proposal Submitted

On October 13, 2011, a group of ten companies, universities, and DELTA, submitted a research proposal to develop a system architecture and associated prototypes for wireless nanosynchronized sensor systems.  The research proposal (submitted to the Danish Agency for Science, Technology … Continue reading

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Sherlock Holmes in the Cloud

The launch of Apple’s iCloud gives an opportunity to stop up and reflect on cloud computing, and its relationship to nanosynchronization. At one level, the Cloud is just a return to centralized computing (mainframes) from the 1970’s, where airline reservations systems were, … Continue reading

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100 ps precision in 2012?

The typical accuracy of the timing signals (1 pps signal) from GPS receivers is 50 to 100 ns.  However, by improving the speed and update rate of transmission of the RTK signals using the coming LightSquared technology, it is expected … Continue reading

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