Research Consortium preparing for take-off clearance

After the summer holidays the Danish Ministry of Science and Technology has announced the annual call for Innovation Consortia applications with an October 13, 2011 deadline. This is the link to the Danish site and to the English Site.

DELTA is currently actively contacting potential partners with respect to participation in such an application with the goals of driving down the size, cost, and power consumption of synchronized sensors by a factor of 10 compared to the current state of the art.  You should also feel free to contact us if you are interested in hearing more about participating.

Commercial companies both in Denmark and  worldwide are encouraged to participate, and we are looking for both large companies with deep technological expertise in instrumentation and timing technologies, as well as transducer companies looking to digitize their analog transducers and outputting digitized data with precision timestamps derived from global clocks.

In addition, the participation of actual end users in a variety of industries such as wind power, smart grids, noise measurement, industrial monitoring and control,and any other field that may benefit from these technologies,  are invited to participate.  SME’s are particularly encouraged to participate, in that such a research project can greatly leverage their existing technologies to a new level of performance and new, innovative applications thanks to the new technologies developed in this project.

We see two major categories of commercial partners:  1.  Companies contributing with their requirements to a common platform, and well as testing the prototypes as they evolve during the project  2.  Companies with significant design expertise in design of high performance timing and digital system design, as well as analog interfaces and communications protocols.

In addition, research for the project with be carried out by one or more university and GTS partners (Advanced Technology Group) such as DELTA.

Commercial participants contribute with their actual work hours in the consortium, and these then alice government sponsored university and GTS partner R & D. Project partners benefit by having a strong influence on the platform specifications, and early access to prototypes.

The application process consistens of two phases:  Phase 1, due October 13, 2011, which gives a short description of the project goals, its partners and budgets.  The Danish ministry then reviews the various proposals, and some will be approved to move on to phase 2, (expected near the end of 2011) where the actual detailed proposal with collaboration and  IP agreements, and budgets, project management, and activity plans are negotiated between the partners, and the submitted for approval.

For Phase 1, DELTA will spearhead the majority of the application process, greatly minimizing the workload on prospect partners.

For more information contact: Carsten Thomsen


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