Nano-sync Meeting: May 16 and May 17, 2011

Join us to discuss

  • the future of nanosynchronization
  • its applications
  • how we can work together
  • access research funds from a range of national and international sources.

The goal of the meetings is to create one or more research consortia to help drive the technology to practical applications. 

In such consortia participation of commercial companies is important, because most research grants are based on both commercial and research organization participation.

One possible scenario is to seek sufficient funding to permit creation of a custom chip (ASIC) the will permit miniaturization of nanosynchronized sensors the size of golf ball. Sensors can then be build by different companies using the chip to help them innovate in their respective markets and applications. 

The meeting will be held in both east and west Denmark, depending on demand. 

Hørsholm:  16 May 10:00-12:00  (Lunch afterward if you have time)

Århus:  17 May 13:00 to 15:00.  (plus an extra over for individual discussions)

To participate, kindly send an email to Carsten Thomsen at DELTA: and specifify the location you want to participate in.  For the arragement in Hørsholm, we also need to know whether you will be joining us for lunch.

Booking deadline is Thursday May 12, 2011 for Hørsholm, Friday May 13 for Århus.

Meeting Location details:


DELTA (Conference Room Bohr), Venlighedsvej 4, 2970 Hørsholm


Incuba Science Park Skejby (Mødelokale 1), Brendstrupgårdsvej 201, 8200 Århus N



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