Families of Applications

Nano-synchronized sensors enable four broad categories of applications:

  1. Unambigious documentation.  Now the measurement is not only a physical quantity, but it is documented with its position (Latitute, longitude and height) and a precision timestamp.  This greatly simplifies post-processing of data.
  2. Cause/Effect Analysis:  Domino effects can be precisely identified in time and space.  “Who shot first”, or “What happened first” is documentated using nano-synched sensors and, for example, can be used for accident analysis.
  3. Localization:  Multiple sensors can make 3-dimensional beamforming and source location possible.  When used with sound or vibration signals, it makes earthquake and tsumani detection possible. 
  4. Control: Multi-point excitation using actuators/exciters can control the behavior of large structure such as buildings and bridges.
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