Future Technology Drivers

Three main technologies will continue to drive electronics based applications:
1. Continued price/performance improvements in semiconductors (Moore’s Law). This is the most visible and talked about technology.
2. Analog Sensors. The popularity of the current generation of tablets and smartphones is not only due to their digital capabilities, but the fact that they contain a wide range of sensors: microphones, loudspeakers, cameras, touch sensors, tilt sensors, magnetic compasses, GPS receivers, accelerometers. This permits them to interact with the real world in a multitude of ways. An iPhone can be used as a carpenters level, a sound analyzer, a pocket lamp, a navigational tool or a traditional compass.
3. Synchronized global timing. Current GPS technologies permit the global knowledge of time, anywhere on the surface of the earth, with an absolute accuracy of better than 100 ns. This is the least recognized technology, which we call “nano-syncronizations”, and will have mind-bending applications.

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